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Affiliate Resources

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We want you to be successful and we know that you can be! That’s why we’re here with tools and resources that we are updating regularly to provide you the best tools necessary to promote your affiliate business.

    Your Resources Include:
  • Banner Ads (with your affiliate code embedded to ensure you get proper credit)
  • Text Links (providing you links that can be included in emails, website copy, blogs, Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets)
  • Email Templates to announce your new product line to friends, family member and current customers
  • Press Release Templates to announce your new product line to your local community and the nation
  • Articles for you to utilize for your blog and posts to capture your target client’s interest
  • List of sites that provide valuable information about dogs, dog care, puppy care and potty training to help you fill your articles, newsletters, squidoo lenses and blogs
  • Great keywords that will help you be found in the pet industry
  • Industry information to keep you informed

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Resources for Blogs and Newsletters

  1. Benefits of Housebreaking your Dog
  2. Follow a Schedule to Housebreak your Dog
  3. Housebreak your Dog
  4. Housebreak your Dog Today
  5. Housebreaking your Adopted Dog
  6. Housebreaking Your Dog
  7. Housebreaking your New Dog
  8. How to Housebreak an Older Dog
  9. Keeping Your Pup's Business off the Carpet
  10. Pups and Potty Potential
  11. Dog Toys For The Brain Teeth And Feet
  12. Hybrid dog Isn t that just another word for Mutt
  13. Sit Up Buddy Training Your Dog To Sit Like You
  14. 3 easy to teach dog tricks
  15. 4 to 8 Dog Agility Jumps Makes Ideal Training
  16. 5 Tips For Training Dogs Successfully
  17. 6 easy ways to find a good dog training professional
  18. 6 Great Tips For Getting Your Dog Toilet Trained
  19. A Dog in One Pack- Jack Russell Terrier
  20. A Dog Is For Life Not Just For Christmas
  21. A Dogs Golden Years
  22. A Guide To Dog Training
  23. Adolescent Dog Snapped At Baby
  24. Adopting A Dog
  25. Adopting A Dog Puppy Or Adult
  26. Adopting A Protection Dog
  27. Advanced Dog Training Points For Conditioning Your Dog
  28. Advice To Using Positive Reinforcement And Rewards To Train Your Dog
  29. Aggression When Another Dog Invades Her Space
  30. Agility Builds Confidence in Your Dog
  31. All The Things You Should Know About Your Dog - But Don t Want To Talk About
  32. Annoying Habits Your Dog Does
  33. Anxiety In Dogs
  34. Aromatherapy For Man s Faithful Friend - Dog
  35. Bandaging Your Dog
  36. Best Dogs for Families with Kids
  37. Best Selling Dog Books
  38. Beyond Washing The Dog
  39. Biting Nipping Behavior Can Kill Your Dog
  40. Bones for Your Dog - Delicious Treat or A Deadly Snack
  41. Breeds of Hypoallergenic Dogs
  42. Brush Up On Your Dog s Dental Health
  43. Camping with Your Dogs - Ten Commandments
  44. Can an old dog be taught new tricks
  45. Can Chew Treats Kill Your Dog
  46. Can I Give My Dog The Flu
  47. Can You Really Teach An Old Dog New Tricks... Also Dog Owner Invents Training Techniques
  48. Canine Diabetes is Your Dog at Risk
  49. Cardiac Surgeon To Judge Best In Show. For 131st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
  50. Care For Your Small Dog With These Big-Impact Tips
  51. Caring for Dogs that are Hypoallergenic for Humans
  52. Caring for Dogs with Hypoallergenic Conditions
  53. Caring For Your Dog
  54. Caring For Your Dog s Neck and Spine Dog Collar Issues
  55. Caring for Your Senior Dog
  56. Celebrate Your Dog s Birthday with a Dog Party
  57. Choose Safe Dog Toys For Your Small Dog
  58. Choosing a Dog - Things Everyone Should Look For
  59. Choosing A Suitable Collar For Your Dog
  60. Click And Treat Is For The Dogs
  61. Click And Treat Training For Dogs
  62. Clicker Training Your Dog
  63. Clicks Instead Of Good Boy For Dog Training
  64. Common Dog Diseases Illnesses and Conditions
  65. Consider All Factors Choosing the Family Dog
  66. Considering Getting A Dog
  67. Could Your Dog Have Whipworm How To Detect And Treat Whipworm In Your Dog
  68. Could Your Dog Be a Sports Star
  69. Could Your Dog Have Anemia
  70. CPR For Dogs
  71. Dealing with loose aggressive dogs on walks
  72. Dental Care For Dogs
  73. Differences between Non-Hypoallergenic Dogs and Hypoallergenic Dogs
  74. Discover How To Train Your Dog and Help Her Become a Better Pet
  75. Do You Know How To Best Look After Your Dog s Health
  76. Do You Need a Dog Trainer
  77. Does Your Dog Really Need A Bed
  78. Does Your Pet Dog Suffer From Heartworms
  79. Dog Foe or Friend
  80. Dog Adoption Tips I Learned From My 2 Dogs
  81. Dog Aggression Children and Their Pets
  82. Dog Barks Continuously While Owners Eat
  83. Dog Barks When Left Alone
  84. Dog Care - How To Care For Your Dog
  85. Dog Clothes
  86. Dog Clothes - Fad Fun Or Functional
  87. Dog Crates Demystified
  88. Dog Flea Control Management How To Prevent Treat And Kill Dog Fleas
  89. Dog Fleas Fido s Pesky Little Friends
  90. Dog Fleas Ticks
  91. Dog fleas can cause more than itching.
  92. Dog Food Tips For Preventing Fussy Eaters
  93. Dog Grooming Caring For the Ears
  94. Dog Grooming Clipping the Nails
  95. Dog Grooming Maintaining A Posh Pup
  96. Dog Grooming And Care
  97. Dog Grooming Helps Promote Good Dog Health
  98. Dog Health Tips Care For Your Pets at Home