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Affiliate Support Page:
You can order more brochures and referral cards from here. Make sure you login with your username and password during checkout. If you do not have an affiliate account, click here to become an affiliate.

Web Affiliates
What's New: As a web affiliate, you have a track-able URL that tracks sales and generates commissions. You can also opt to become a "Word of Mouth" affiliate to hand out coupons or distribute brochures with coupon codes printed on them. Due to contractual agreements with other resellers, we can not allow you to advertise the coupon codes online (ie. website, banner ads, or search ads). You may offer the coupon code by any other means other than online distribution. If we learn the coupon code is being published online, we may opt to discontinue your affiliate account.
Past Affiliates

We hope you like our new site. Many of you are re-registering from the old site. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it will truly only take a minute. You will be able to order brochures and referral cards in the future with your new account. You also get a track-able URL if you'd like. After logging in, click "My Account" at the top. Then the "See my Affiliate Stats" at the bottom to learn how to use the track-able URL. Although you are able to track the sales and commission of the track-able link, we are not able to give you real time access to sales generated with the coupon codes. These reports will be sent to you on the 1st of each month, along with your commissions.

If you have any questions, email us at

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Porch Potty Brochures/Referral Cards - 100 pack
For our "Word of Mouth" Affiliates: This brochure is a full-color printed tri-fold brochure. The back panel shows the $15 OFF coupon code in big letters. Hand them out or place them in a conspicuous place near your checkout stand, or where your customers come in. If you are a dog trainer, hand them out at the first meeting. Your customers get $15 with their purchase, and you get commission. Win-win.
Summary of Porch Potty Affiliate Programs:
Wholesale Resellers
Brick and Mortar Retailers
Physical stores with merchandise for sale to the public. We sell bulk items (5 per pack) to be individually displayed and sold at the store. You can purchase inventory from this website by going to the Wholesale Page. You must have special access for the items to be shown.

Web Store Retailers
Since your customers are scattered all around the world, we offer "Drop Ship" service to your customers. Just login with your account and use the customer's shipping address to place the order from the Wholesale Page. Your billing information stays the same. You may also order inventory and ship from your warehouse. In this case you should order the wholesale pack of 5 that are INDIVIDUALLY BOXED. This allows you to re-ship them without unboxing them.

Marketing Affiliates
Web Affiliates
Using the given track-able link, you can place the link on your website or blog. We offer banner ads you can use. And a real-time report of how many clicks and sales your trackable link has generated. We pay $25 commission per sale of either a Porch Potty Standard or a Porch Potty Premium. No commissions are given for other items in the store. The track-able link does not give the customer a discount. Only coupon codes do that if you are also set up as a "Word of Mouth" affiliate. However, you are not permitted to publish coupon codes online. Commission amount must reach $50 before the first check is sent.

"Word of Mouth" Affiliates
You choose a coupon code to give to other dog owners you may know or come across often. Groomers, dog trainers, or just dog walker meeting other dog owners at the park. You can show your support for Porch Potty by giving the Coupon Code to your friends or customers. They will get $15 off and you make $25 commission. You can order brochures and referral cards above. A sales report is generated each month, along with commissions. Commission amount must reach $50 before the first check is sent.