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Large Porch Potty Premium
Porch Potty Premium - A grass litter box with fire hydrant and sprinkler system.
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This Porch Potty Deal has been discontinued. Please click here to view our current prices.


Water Jet Rinses Urine from GrassTraining Sod shown rolled back on Porch Potty PremiumThe new Porch Potty is now available. The design has been upgraded and it is the highest quality dog potty you will ever own. Take a look the new Porch Potty by going here.

Porch Potty Water Timer (optional)Add the Porch Potty Water Timer to make it completely automated. The water timer connects to your hose bib, and turns the water on and off every other day for exactly one minute. You donít even have to think about it. The Porch Potty Water Timer is sold separately, if you want the added convenience. Click here to learn more and add it to the cart when purchasing a Porch Potty Premium.

Note: Do not use the sprinklers indoors. The Indoor Catch Basin should not be used with the sprinklers. The volume of water can be more than the Catch Basin can hold, and therefore is not included in the bundled sale.

What is Training Sod? Do I need it?

All Porch Potties can use either synthetic grass or live Training Sod. Which is better? It turns out to be a personal preference. Most dogs learn to use the Porch Potty best when using the live Training Sod because of the natural grass scent that instinctually lets dogs know where to potty. However we find that once trained, synthetic grass works amazingly well. Every Porch Potty comes with synthetic grass, and Training Sod is only $29 when purchasing your Porch Potty. A 40% discount.

Training Sod is designed specifically for Porch Potty. Each piece is sized to fit your Porch Potty perfectly. But more importantly, it has been grown without soil, consisting of only the roots and grass blades. This allows the layer of grass to drain properly, and keep the drain hose free of soil and other debris. Simply roll it out on the Porch Potty like you would a piece of carpet. Water the sod 2-4 times per week or kept moist. You can expect the Training Sod to last 1 Ė 4 months depending on weather conditions and the amount of urine it is exposed to.

Porch Potty Premium includes all parts shown
Includes: Porch Potty, Drain Hose, Scented Fire Hydrant, Sprinkler System, Synthetic Grass,TURFtastic, and Training Booklet.
Specifications of what is included:
Outer Dimensions: 28"x52"x6"
Grass Area: 8 square feet (4'x2')
Material: ABS High Impact Plastic
Drain hose length: 14' ultra-flexible
Rinsing Sprinkler Assembly: Included (adjustable 5 Gal/min output, 3/4" Garden Hose Thread input)
Water Timer: Sold Separately(Set to 72 hours for 1 minute)
Catch Basin: Not included and not to be used with sprinkler system.
Potty Training Booklet and User Manual
Scented Fire Hydrant
1 Liter of TURFtastic Odor Eliminator

Shipping costs range from $13 (Los Angeles) to $40 (New York). We ship via UPS Ground and find shipments take 1 day (Los Angeles) to 4 days (New York). Sod is pre-cut and installed with each Porch Potty delivery.

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Great for my dog with luxated patellas February 5, 2010
Reviewer: Amy Sinicin from New Jersey  
Hi. I purchased a porch potty on Sept. 17. Shortly after bringing home my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Charlotte. We found your product to be wonderful, especially when Charlotte was diagnosed with luxated patellas in both rear knees. She had to undergo two separate surgeries and be in leg casts for weeks. It made it so easy for her to go in and out quickly without having to deal with stairs. Amy Sinicin, New Jersey

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  9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
Our New Porch Potty September 12, 2009
Reviewer: Tammy Ashmore from California  
A couple of days ago I received the Porch Potty and I am so excited to tell you that dogs used it instantly.  I was shocked to notice that within 30 seconds my oldest dog who is blind and cannot smell walked right up to it and used it.  A moment later my second dog used it.  I cannot tell you how happy I am with your product.  I just moved into a condo and wanted something for the dogs to use on the patio.  Presto!  Porch Potty to the rescue.

Thank you so much.

Tammy Ashmore
Dogs...Mayzie and Dominoe

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